Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unctuous Crunch


Hard to tell, but yes, this is what remains of a bacon sandwich. And, for once, this one came out just as I desired and anticipated. I had in mind a "pressed" sandwich where the bread and bacon meld together as one; with a rime of the sweet acidy tang of mayonnaise without the actual stuff.

To that end:

I roasted bacon from On the Edge Farm in a hot oven until rendered and crisp. This is a substantial bacon, not too harshly smoked, rather delicate, in fact. Really quite delicious.

I cut, very thinly, two slices of Bear Mountain Honey Oatmeal bread, then buttered them.
Buttered the bread on a bacon sandwich? Yes, Indeedy, My Dears! For taste as well as texture. Be patient and all will come clear.

...buttered the bread, then curled and crunched about 4 substantial rashers of bacon onto the bottom slice of well-buttered (fresh baked yesterday) bread, sprinkled the bacon with a balsamic vinegar which is aged up the hill in Shrewsbury, placed the top, buttered, slice of bread on the sandwich, then, with the heel of my hand, pressed, until all was amalgamated. I cut it in half diagonally and began to nibble.
For once, I had achieved perfection.

All ingredients found at the Rutland Co-op and/or the Winter Farmers' Market (Saturdays, 10-2) OR, On the Edge Farm in Woodstock (802-457-4511); Bear Mountain Bakery in Wallingford (802-259-2321); Gordon's Pond Balsamic Vinegar in Shrewsbury (802-492-8282)

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Penny said...

Sharon, Loved the idea of balsamic vinegar on this. Wow, I can almost taste it! Penny