Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cilantro Berries: the secret ingredient

My garden is not exactly popping along. I didn't get started 
on it early enough -- after all, it'd been summer all winter, what was the hurry?
But one whole bed took it upon itself to grow cilantro and now it's all going to seed,
and what a treat that is.  Not that I wouldn't like some nice frilly cilantro leaves, but those
green berries do give a wonderful pop of flavor to your unsuspecting mouth and its concomitant
taste buds. 


And after the green berries turn brown, I'll plant them
  -- have already begun -- for my next crop of cilantro. And this year I am going to
cover it in the fall. It's very cold tolerant. If we have a mild winter I should be in cilantro
up to my ears all year long.

Today I used them in a dish that I only make for lunch
when I'm alone, for Leo doesn't like it.  Liver, that is, beef liver, 
a big slice of it that I bought from Pine Woods Farm at the Rutland Farmers' Market last Saturday.
And this is how I prepared

I sautéed some Foggy Meadow onion with a couple of cloves of my garlic, 
then added the strips of liver and sautéed them over a medium low heat, added some 
dry sherry and let it simmer off, then ground lots of sea salt and pepper over the liver and 
sprinkled the cilantro berries over the plate and... 

yes, it was delicious!

I ate it (almost) all up!
From Cilantro Berries: The secret ingredient

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