Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farmers' Market Haul

Imagine this: Two cheeses (bottom left) Mettowee, from Consider Bardwell, which is their fresh goat cheese –  this is the first batch of the summer; and a pepper-clad camembert from Lake's Edge Farm. Both absolutely delicious. Let's keep going counter-clockwise: There's Radical Roots' artichokes, highly prized, 4 of them; a cut kohlrabi that Paul's interns were sampling to Foggy Meadow's customers – sweet and crunchy; then Alchemy Garden's iceberg lettuce – sweet and juicy and crunchy. Then, you can hardly see it – a black/purple eggplant from Dutchess Farms; Chioggia beet greens that Paul slipped into my basket; then fennel and a tomato – the first of the season – from Dutchess Farms. Also bought French green beans from Foggy Meadow, a chicken from Sunset Farm, and a big loaf of multi-grain bread from the place that used to be the Yellow Submarine on Terrill Street – I think It's called Connor's Sandwish Shop now.

Am I crazy, or what? How are two people to eat this plethora before next week's Farmers' Market?

Those green peppers – So flavorful, especially the Hungarian Wax – all from MY garden!


Anonymous said...

I think you should invite friends over if it's too big of a haul, don't you? Otherwise you might have to eat all that cheese yourself. Oh and the artichokes. Be still my heart.

sharon parquette nimtz said...

But a faint memory now... still sitting on the porch though, eating out of me own garden.